Why should your company select Concept TM for your consulting needs?

1. Inventors -we have experience managing inventions through the entire product life cycle.  

2. Branding -we understand how to create and mange an effective branding message campaign   

3. Marketing and Sales – we have many years of experience successfully managing a portfolio of different sales channels.  We know how to effective engage digital advertising and e-commerce. 

4. We have great team of business partners to support us where don’t have expertise.

 Here is an overview of our over 32 years of business experience:

13 + years managing sales teams in the digital advertising and e-commerce space.

Cox Automotive companies partner with car dealers to offer Autotrader.com, Kelly Blue Book, and Dealer.com – the products offered provided car dealers a digital ad agency level of support with e-commerce tools. We helped dealers select, price, merchandise and sell vehicles. We also assisted the consumers as they began and ended their online purchasing experience.

9 years – Regional Sales Director.  Managed a 50 member sales team in FL, GA, Miss, LA and AL.

2 years – Regional Director. P&L responsibility.  Managed a team of 65 sales professionals in MI, OH, IN and KY.

2 years – Started as sales consultant in Atlanta, moved to Tampa as a district manager, moved to Miami as a district manager and moved to Detroit to be a Regional Sales Manager and then became a Regional Director.

11 years managing sales teams in agent and reseller world.

6 years with SkyTel – Started as consultant and then became a manager of the indirect sales channel.

SkyTel was an industry innovator and leader with a nationwide paging network.  They were the first to introduce two way paging technology.  We partnered with Motorola to introduce several new products.  I assisted the product development team as we partnered with Motorola.  We preformed several consumer research test with targeted groups.  We used the research to examine product viability and the anticipated adoption rate for new products.

Managed reselling relationships with local, regional and national paging companies who sold the SkyTel service to their customer base.  We trained, provides sales support and motivated our partners sales teams.

MCI developed an agent relationship with SkyTel.  My sales team worked with MCI to sell SkyTel to their customer base.

2 years with Conxus – Manager of Indirect Sales

This was a start up company.  We worked with Motorola to create a wireless voice paging product called Pocket talk. When I joined the company the product was only a concept.  We developed the product from ground zero and launched the network.  I partnered with the product development team.  We performed consumer research test with targeted focus groups.  I also signed contracts with four national paging companies who became our agents/reseller channel.  We performed a successful 16 city national rollout of the Pocket talk service.

2 years with Metro PCS – Director of the Indirect Sales Team

Manage the reseller team in the Atlanta market.  The indirect team represented 80% of the companies sales revenue.  Worked with the product development team to roll out new products and services.

8 years of direct sales experience.

6 years with Xerox Corporation
Started my career with Xerox as a sales rep. I was promoted to be an account rep. Enjoyed the best sales training in the industry and perfected my B to B sales skills.

2 years with Chip LTD in Bermuda
Worked for a small two principals partnership who were an authorized agent for Sharp products in Bermuda.
I went from Xerox a big corporation to a small entrepreneurial culture. Learned a lot about what it take to run a successful small business and  how great service/support can help a company win significant marketshare. We owned 90% marketshare of the banks and exempt companies in Bermuda.